National Awkward Moments Day

?Laughing at Yourself Is the Best Medicine

No one knows who invented National Awkward Moments Day, Saturday, March 18.

That’s no surprise, since it probably came about as the result of one stunningly awkward moment that the owner of that moment was hoping to forget.
We surveyed our readers and friends to ask them about their most awkward moments, sharing our own silliness to give others the courage to share theirs. As it turns out, lots of people assume that they are the only ones with a history of awkward moments.

That’s not really true. Awkward moments are … everywhere. Here is a treasure trove of the greatly embarrassing times that our friends and readers shared with us:

Pad Thai It’s Not: “So, I went by myself to my favorite Thai restaurant – feeling very proud of my courage and independence. I ordered something completely new off the menu. Why not, I thought. When my meal arrived, I did my best to look like I knew what I was doing – but, oh boy, was that stuff hot! The waitress noticed my distress, and, approaching my table, whispered, ‘You are eating the condiments tray … your meal is not out of kitchen yet.’

Anne Klein She’s Not: “Getting back to my office after a major marketing presentation for a big fashion company, I sat down at my desk, put my feet up, and exclaimed, ‘Whew! Glad that’s over!’ Pointing at my feet and laughing hysterically, my office mate screamed: ‘You wore those to a fashion presentation?’ Looking down, I realized I’d worn shoes from two entirely different pairs.”

Slipping Wet: “Running through the rain to get to work, I arrived at my office, and ceremoniously yanked off my soaking wet coat … only to find I had completely forgotten to put a dress on, and was standing there for all to see in a soaking wet slip.”

Groucho Marx To The Max: “I tried to dye my own eyebrows at home to save money. I was watching my grandkids that day, and got distracted. Twenty minutes of recommended dying time turned into almost an hour. By the time I realized this and looked into the mirror, it was all over. Groucho Marx brows all the way.”

Green Cheeks: “Getting ready to go out shopping with my young son, I decided to put a face mask on for a few minutes. Running low on time, I put the mask – bright green in color – just on my forehead, nose, and cheeks. Arriving home after a full day of shopping, I looked into mirror and realized I had completely forgotten that the mask was still on … and had been, all, day, long.”

Flying Escargot: “I worked at a posh restaurant on Capitol Hill. One of my customers ordered escargot, snails in garlic butter. She was having trouble getting the snail out of the shell. I told her to ‘hold the shell while I pry it out …’ That worked, but too well. Free of the shell the snail launched itself across the dining room, bouncing off another customer’s forehead. Oh, la la!”

Remember that National Awkward Moments Day is Saturday, March 18. Have a good laugh at yourself – enjoy!