Mobile Hope Awarded Grant To Help Homeless Youth

Last spring, Mobile Hope began experiencing an enormous increase in the number of young people (18-24 years of age) in need of its assistance. In response, it created its Critical/Crisis Care program.  Since many of these young people are homeless and facing many challenges, Mobile Hope decided that it needed to more effectively position itself to provide more extensive and dedicated case management and to offer more options for housing.  

To that end. it reached reached out to the Virginia Department of Housing (VHDA) to apply for a capacity building grant. It was recently awarded the grant.  The funding was awarded to create a strategic plan that will incorporate the needs of the 18-24-year-old age group using a Housing First model. 

Funding was also awarded to build a new database which will be designed to house client, volunteer and donor information all in one place.  This database will also allow Mobile Hope to record data in the Homeless Management Information system (HMIS). These two components will help Mobile Hope to more effectively support and grow its service delivery to this age group.  

Mobile Hope is dedicated to providing assistance to this at-risk, precariously housed and homeless group of young people. Even nationally, Mobile Hope is one of a very few organizations that support homeless youth.  Donations can be mailed to: P.O. Box 4135; Ashbury, VA 20148.