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Linda Tribby’s Punishment: A Slap on the Wrist?

August 30, 2011 by Blue Ridge Leader filed under News, Our Towns 72 Comments
Original caption, August 1998: Six Community leaders spent the summer raising money and votes. The one that got the most recieved the honor of kissing a pig. PICTURED - Linda Tribby, of 1st Union National Bank, raised $1,705.00, winning her the honor of kissing the pig. (LARRY KOBELKA - For The Washington Post)

By Molly Pinson Simoneau

It’s been said that crime doesn’t pay, but it would seem that’s not the case when it comes to local scam artist Linda Tribby, who pled guilty to bank fraud last Spring. Tribby’s family is still reportedly living a luxurious life paid for with stolen money; and Tribby will be able to join them once her 7-year prison sentence is served.

Tribby had been working at a Wachovia Bank branch in Purcellville, now Wells Fargo bank, for 25 years. In 2003, Tribby began convincing Wachovia customers to invest in a “wealth management account,” which, she promised, would pay tax-free interest. Instead, Tribby was simply transferring these funds into her own accounts. Tribby kept the scam going for 7 years or so, providing her victims with fake account statements, and even making periodic interest payments.

By the time she was caught, Tribby had managed to steal over $14 million. She bought several homes including her family residence near Lovettsville; where, according to a BRL source, “a brand new $300,000 barn” stands, and a historic home in Waterford. She also bought a house for her daughter in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, as well as recreational properties in New York and Nevada. Tribby also bought a fleet of vehicles including three Chevrolet Silverados, a 2009 Cadillac CTS, and classic cars like a ’56 Chevy Bel Aire. And, she bought a helicopter.

During this time, Tribby, who is married, began an affair with Scott Whitmore and rented a house for him in Brunswick, MD where they had frequent rendezvous, and referred to the house as “the Love Shack.”

On March 4, Tribby signed a plea agreement in which she agreed to forfeit all properties that are traceable to, or derived from, her offense; however, a source close to Tribby said that she is still in possession of all these properties. “They are still living in all of [Tribby’s] houses and driving all of her vehicles,” said the source, who also told reporters that Whitmore is still living in the Love Shack on her dime, and that the federal investigation into Tribby’s case “missed a safe and a lot of money.”

On the eve of her sentencing, Tribby submitted a 14-page handwritten letter of apology to US District Judge Liam O’Grady. Some believe that letter, along with character reference letters from Whitmore and members of Tribby’s family influenced Judge O’Grady, causing him to give a lighter prison sentence than the recommended 97 to 121 months. She was, after all, deeply involved with her community and even volunteered to “Kiss A Pig”for the Loudoun County Fair. Tribby pled guilty to stealing over $14 million, but in the sentence set by O’Grady, she received 7 years (with credit for time served while awaiting trial), and is forced to pay restitution in the amount of just $8.4 million to Wells Fargo– without interest. When asked whether any restitution payment had been received by Wells Fargo, Corporate Communications representative Michael McCoy only provided the following statement, “We’re pleased that this matter, which was an isolated case involving one former team member, has been resolved.” The statement continued: “We have controls and procedures in place to detect if team members are not adhering to these standards and applicable laws, and to address those situations accordingly. In this case, an internal investigation turned up evidence that the team member was committing fraud against Wells Fargo.”

Tribby is currently an inmate at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, CT. According to one source, Tribby is able to enjoy frequent long phone conversations, and “has no trouble paying $3500 phone bills.” While her phone costs have not been substantiated, the minimum security women’s prison sounds relatively comfortable. One report from a former inmate who wrote a blog while inside the institution said, “We can move freely around the unit 24 hours a day – to the bathroom, the TV room (which closes at midnight on weekdays and 2am on weekends), and to the other rooms within the unit. The main lights go out at 11pm and the dorm is actually very quiet.”

For anyone looking for a way to make a quick $14 million, with risk of only light consequences, it seems bank fraud is the way to go.

The following is a partial list of the properties noted in the court records that “are traceable to, or derived from,” Tribby’s offense:

Cash-$37,321.85 seized from Tribby’s person at the time of her arrest at Dulles Airport
Cash-$9,800 seized from Scott Whitmore at the time of Tribby’s arrest at Dulles Airport
Real estate property, Shepardstown, WV
Real estate property, Hopkinton, NY.
Real estate property, St. Regis Falls, NY
Real estate property, Lovettsville, VA
Real estate property, Waterford, VA
Real estate property, Lovelock, NV
A 1947 Bell 48 Helicopter
A 2010 Chevrolet HHR Sedan
A 2010 Crysler 300 C
A 2001 Chevrolet Silverado
A 2007 Chevrolet Silverado
A 2000 Chevrolet Silverado
A 2009 Cadillac CTS
A 2009 Dodge Ram 3500 Mega Cab
A 2005 Ford F450
A 2004 Dodge Sport Caravan
A 2003 Chevrolet Super Sport Roadster Convertible
A 2003 Ford Windstar
A 1999 Volkswagon NGS hatchback
A 1982 Chevrolet Truck
A classic 1968 Chevrolet 2-door sedan
A classic 1967 Chevrolet pickup truck
A classic 1961 Corvair pickup truck
A classic 1956 Chevrolet Bel Aire
A 2007 Fleetwood America Eagle RV
Two snowmobiles
3 ATVs
A golf cart
9 miscellaneous trailers
A pontoon boat
A John Deere tractor with snowblower and backhoe attachments
Miscellaneous farm equipment including a hay stacker, two tractors, and a snow plow

Original caption, August 1998: Six Community leaders spent the summer raising money and votes. The one that got the most recieved the honor of kissing a pig. PICTURED - Linda Tribby, of 1st Union National Bank, raised $1,705.00, winning her the honor of kissing the pig. (LARRY KOBELKA - For The Washington Post)


  1. Dan G says:

    I have heard and seen the same thing about this. I cant figure out how they are still able to enjoy Ill gotten gains?? Thank you for doing a story about this. Maybe it will encourage the Feds to get back on the case. I go to work and struggle everyday. I dont have things that I have just taken. I am sure that if someone would have done their job correctly she would have received FAR more time and would have forfeited before I went to prison. How is it that her daughter is still going to Shepard College and riding up and down the road in an essence a STOLEN car…

  2. Sandi says:

    Looking at this list I am wondering where the timeshares that she owns are?? The family is dishonest just like her so they are not going to come forward with information about them. I live in Waterford where her parents have taken up residence on 2nd street. It is getting close to Waterford fair time..They will have a yard full of bootleg people just as trifling and underhanded as they are. I hope people reading this will think twice about patronizing them. I didn’t see the backhoe and a few more things on the list of items , but I guess if they will lose nothing it doesn’t matter My question is when you see them around and the sing their tale of it just isnt fair while they are still able to pay bills,go out to eat, go to hair dressers and live as they were How do you really feel about this? Most people today are struggling to keep a roof over their heads and eat..

  3. Shocked in Lovettsille says:

    When this all went down and they went to her Farm the animal people were called out and the fire department because of the conditions in the house. They were allowed to sell the Zebras and other animals and keep the money??? Wasn’t that part of her scam money?? Brian Tribby went to Africa on Safari and then after she was in jail to New Zealand on her dime..oh wait it wasn’t her money to spend. It seems like if he was an honest man he would have told the Feds about the trip and not went. None of that bunch is honest. Rose Tribby included. She talks about people and uses them just like Her Mother.They think if they throw enough money around that cures all.They had a prom for her every year that included limos and even the Brutus party bus to the tune of 5 grand for the night… If her parents are now in Waterford I think the fire Marshall should check that house. They are hoarders and I don’t think it has stopped.She had thousands of dollars of work done on that house with no permits pulled. I guess when you can get away with so much why do anything the right way..The honest way???

  4. Loudoun Valley Grad says:

    I went to school with Rose. She always had to out do everyone. I wondered then how could they take her friends to Vegas and Cedar Point and even on cruises and pay for everything. I thought we must really be poor that we could go to Ocean City for 3 days every year. I now she we are and were far richer that they will ever be. My parents are hard working people that do not steal what they want. Rose was always bragging about the Zebras, cars and trips. When she got her HHR as a gift and a house to live in that was all paid off I was jealous and wished my parents could do that for me. I go to NOVA and commute and not in a brand new car. If I was Rose I would hang my head in shame. I wouldn’t be still all over facebook and all over LOCO like she owns it. But I have class and upbringing and know right from wrong.

  5. Whitmore is who says:

    It is my understanding that Scott Whitmore hasn’t worked in the years he has been dating her. He has been a kept punk. He did work for Hendricks Motor Group the NASCAR people. I had to laugh when she said she bought the Redskins seats for her clients. I guess John Belcher the former State Trooper, Ricky Cooper her Husband and Leesburg City Worker, Scott, and others were clients.They went to all the games.Good timing for Belcher to run to Alaska was the ink even dry on the paperwork when he turned tail and ran??? Good thing is you can always be extradited back to Loudoun County!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. No Tribby Fan Here says:

    I have never been a fan of hers or that family. They run to the bible now but how about when she was lying and stealing? I was in Bonnies Country Kitchen in Lovettsville when a comment was made about her and Bonnie Hawker went off. I think there is something rotten in Denmark and its not the cheese!!! People are entitled to have an opinion about not only a confessed thief and scam artist but a convicted one. I know she was paying her very well for funeral food and parties she was doing for her and frankly Linda said she was over paid and the food was most of the time sub par. I have not went back into that restaurant since. Tribbys Mother was always in there bragging about trips or Zebras or some new car they had. Unfortunately they will keep on bragging but I myself cant stand the sight of any of them.

  7. RUN BELCHER RUN says:


  8. Tribby Luck says:

    This is very sad news. You would think our Govt. Could take the assets and sell them. I dont understand why they are still allowed the use of the cars and houses. I work everyday and sometimes ride a bike to work, I pay rent and after I pay my bills I am back to square one. I too know Rose Tribby. She spends money on people hoping they will be her friend.She is a spoiled rotten person that thinks the wold owes her something because she has been sick.I have been sick too and I still work a 40 hour a week job. Last I heard she was peddling knives to people that were just to nice to say no. She has a lot to learn about life and how things work.I think the feds better stand up and do something and soon.

  9. Really?? Are you Kidding?? says:

    You mean to tell me they are still in all the houses??? I have seen them up and down the road in the cars and trucks,but I had no idea. How is this fair?? How is Rose in College ? Where is all this money coming from??? Dont the Feds want some answers??? I guess crime does pay…Not fair..at all…

  10. To Much to ask says:

    You would think they would try to do the right thing after she was caught red handed. Not still flaunt everything in peoples faces. I have seen them so many times and they keep saying she shouldn’t have got so much time. I dont think she got enough time. I took my money out of Wells Fargo when this happen. My whole trust was shaken for that bank. I cant understand if they want to do the right thing and they are church God fearing people why dont the get out of the properties and cars and tell where the money is?? You cant run behind the bible and still romance the devil. She was having an affair to start with and stealing and lying. Her Mother is just as bad as she is scheming and scamming. Give the stuff back its not yours. It never was. When do you people say you are wrong and get out of our sight.

  11. Loudoun Trash says:

    The Tribbys and Speaks have always been scammers and braggarts Carolyn bragged about the land the vehicles the Zebras and everything else.I wonder where in the bible it said to steal what you want and I really would like to know where it says continue to do the wrong thing after you are caught. They should have been out of the houses and cars and whatever else. They should be ashamed to show their faces. Linda with all her throwing money around and Brian crying about her and Scott. He didnt cry when he went on all the trips and Safaris though and went to New Zealand after she was arrested. I would think the Town of Leesburg would take a look at him. John Belcher got out of Lovettsville so fast and went to Alaska. I guess he is preparing the next Love Shack for when she gets out. Funny they were thick as thieves when she was taking him to Vegas and Golfing and Florida and Tennessee and how about him and the African Safari. Is his wife so dumb she didnt know about them having lunch together everyday?




    This woman and her family have got away with so much they feel like it should never end and it hasnt. Even from prison she continues to bark out orders and run her empire. They have not thought or been embarrassed one time about what she did., They would NEVER have been able to do the things they have done and continue to do if she didnt steal it .For them to still be driving the cars and living in the houses is a travesty of Justice. Rose Tribby is still in college on Stolen Funds and we are supposed to look the other way????????????? They are able to send Linda all the money she needs in Prison and still provide nicely for themselves. How on Social security checks can you pay electric bills, go out to eat EVERY day, buy groceries gas, plates for several vehicles, Still get manicures and Hair done every week. Not possible on the money they are supposed to have, Her Dad Calvin Speaks is still going to the race track betting and they are still taking care of the other house they own in West Virginia not on the list. It is no wonder this country is in the shape that it is. Go past the Waterford House you will see Carolyn Speaks Black Cadillac proudly displayed and They have NO SHAME. I wish this was the old days we could run that trash out of town. They do not have sense enough to go on their own

  14. TRIBBY TRASH says:

    When will the auction be for this stuff???? I know there is NO way they will be allowed to keep it. I think the should send a tow truck and pick up every vehicle.Its time to stop being NICE to this scum


    these people are lower than trash.They know she is a thief adulteress crook and they try to make excuses why she did it??? What can you say ? I have bills you have bills we can just take money. Why should she be able to keep living the high life.Why should her Mother and Father and Daughter get the benefit of what they should not have in the first place??? Her Husband driving around in a 60,000 truck that he shouldnt have. Why hasnt the Town of Leesburg fired him>?My best advice is they should get out of Loudoun county we are sick of them

  16. diane says:

    you should not be making comments unless you know the whole story.she is allowed to use the phone were shes at 300 minutes a month. and the fbi will be taking every thing soon to auction off encluding the morrisonville house.

  17. FYI DIANE says:


  18. Hoarders anyone says:

    Why isnt her timeshares and profit from selling the zebras on this list??? How about the rest of the vehicles they own??I realize they are hoarders and the place couldnt be inventoried But much money was missed., The place was full to the ceiling for Gods sake…
    Real estate property, Shepardstown, WV
    Real estate property, Hopkinton, NY.
    Real estate property, St. Regis Falls, NY
    Real estate property, Lovettsville, VA
    Real estate property, Waterford, VA
    Real estate property, Lovelock, NV
    A 1947 Bell 48 Helicopter
    A 2010 Chevrolet HHR Sedan
    A 2010 Crysler 300 C
    A 2001 Chevrolet Silverado
    A 2007 Chevrolet Silverado
    A 2000 Chevrolet Silverado
    A 2009 Cadillac CTS
    A 2009 Dodge Ram 3500 Mega Cab
    A 2005 Ford F450
    A 2004 Dodge Sport Caravan
    A 2003 Chevrolet Super Sport Roadster Convertible
    A 2003 Ford Windstar
    A 1999 Volkswagon NGS hatchback
    A 1982 Chevrolet Truck
    A classic 1968 Chevrolet 2-door sedan
    A classic 1967 Chevrolet pickup truck
    A classic 1961 Corvair pickup truck
    A classic 1956 Chevrolet Bel Aire
    A 2007 Fleetwood America Eagle RV
    Two snowmobiles
    3 ATVs
    A golf cart
    9 miscellaneous trailers
    A pontoon boat
    A John Deere tractor with snowblower and backhoe attachments
    Miscellaneous farm equipment including a hay stacker, two tractors, and a snow plow

    • Rachael says:

      (Please excuse me if this turns out to be a dupiaclte comment, but it’s been four hours since I posted, and my comment is not here.)I have gone to the website, and there is a lot there. It would require going through the entire website, plus several others, to determine whether the Riders had ever been denied access to a campus before, and what happened in that case. So spare me the boredom and answer my question, just as you would have answered the Loudoun police had they called you:Where have the Riders gone before that they have been refused access to the campus? Now, having slogged my way through some of their website, I am compelled to ask: What injustice are they trying to correct? Are homosexuals not allowed to go to college in the United States? That would explain why the Riders do not know that alumni is a plural noun.

      • Blue Ridge Leader says:

        Rachael, your comment is here (you might be looking in the wrong place – this doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the Linda Tribby case. Did you intend to post your comment to a different article?)

  19. Blue Ridge Leader says:

    Folks, all points of view are welcome on this forum. if you disagree with another commenter, please do so without resorting to personal insults and slurs as stated in our Terms of Service. Thanks.

  20. diane says:

    the other house in wv. they do not own . it is lindas sisters. it belonged to her grandparents.

  21. Diane Girl... says:

    True that it didnt legally belong to her, but who paid the taxes and up keep on it.Debbie doesn’t work a job.Who pays her Light Bill Phone Bill Insurance on her car. Food, internet,,,,should I go on???? When Linda Took the 15 people to Vegas it came up again and Her Dad Calvin Speaks carried a check there funded by Linda. FYI The Feds should come in and take that shack too. It can be easily traced to her funds…Now lets open some more cans of worms I’m ready..Want to start with Debbies car? Or how about Carolyns Caddy?????

  22. Actually The facts says:

    The house in Ranson is part of the estate left to them. Any of the kids can come in and live there. Linda paid to have work done there like painting remodeling and all of the upkeep. This family puts the D in dysfunctional. Debbie who wont work. Alan who took and took and took and then turned tail and Ran..Brandi who went to Rehab and was stealing but Linda made sure she didnt go to prison but everyone else did. Carolyn who keeps all the dirt stirred up so one or the other is at each others throat Calvin who struts around like a peacock Betting at Charlestown Like Hes Donald Trump,,Bragging that he paid to build that 300K barn at Morrisonville…..Rose who drives her car around like shes oblivious to the fact that she should never have owned it or the house she is in. Fact is if Linda the thief wouldnt have had her hand in other peoples pockets that whole family would be living in one place…and driving old Jalopys Maybe after the feds do what they should they will get a small taste of what it is to really live within your means and work for what you want.

  23. Blue Ridge Leader is the best says:

    Finally a newspaper and reporter with the guts to tell the truth and not sugar coat it. Wrong is wrong however you serve it up. The Tribby Speaks clan has lived the high life for a long time. They have traveled and had the best of the best. How many people in this world can say they have done one 10th of what these people have done. In reality they should have done nothing,..No safaris no Brand new cars Helicopters No plastic surgery..No time shares No Houses, No boats No NOTHING. what is wrong with them surviving like the rest of us. They have looked down their noses at everyone for along time. Made fun of what people drive , wear and where the live..well now I guess Karma is alive and well. I pray they will see that the crime that put them on top is the crime that should bring them down and not to mention how about some shame..remorse…I think that will one day be in their vocabulary..It hasnt ever been..Thank you Blue Ridge Leader for a Fabulous story..

  24. scammer busted red handed says:

    She kept saying she was helping others…But the list of things she helped herself to is pretty long. There is many things not on the list that cant be recouped…such as the Cruises, Safaris, Trips to Vegas, Fine hotel stays, clothing by the ton, tummy tucks and other body work.,,The big dinners at Duchess Daughter and the Race Track , Japanese Steak House and many more..I think the commandments she broke are serious,,,Lying, adultery, thieving and I am sure there are more…I agree Thank You Blue Ridge Leader for the story. I know it to be correct and true every bit of it.


    I dont see he 1968 El Camino listed in the property list…Guess thats one more thing she got away with

  26. Just a waste of time and money says:

    Why is it that Rose Tribby is still driving her stolen HHR? How is she is still in the Stolen house and going to college on even more stolen funds. How does this happen? Why didnt the feds pick up everything when they arrested Tribby at the airport. They had the case built then. What is even better than that is that they dont feel they should have to give it back???? what is this world coming to?? Have you people ever heard of WORKING for what you want and saving to get something…Unbelievable the nerve of these ..people Makes me wonder how much money they are all sitting on I would bet it is a nice padded seat…I also bet they will be at the auction buying the items back with..wait for it…More stolen money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Wondering says:

    How did she do this for 7 years? How did she go it when the bank merged several times? She said that she started Stealing because she needed money for sick family members. Wondering why she didnt sell the Waterford Property. Her grandparents were living in Morrisonville and she had control of that property?? That would have been when the real estate boom was on. She would have got at least 2 million bucks. I guess she made the choice to steal just like she chose to ruin her marriage. Its all about choices. I am wondering what this has all taught her Daughter. She is still spending and has a maid.She is in college and who paid for that??


    If anyone knows the auction dates for any of these things or if The Blue Ridge Leader gets the info Please post it. I would love to be there to see Just how much of this stuff they buy back. I think the feds would be smart to be in the crowd as well. They are not worried at all about losing anything SO Lets see!!! But then again it is impossible to lose something that you didnt legally pay for and had full use of but never should have had it…

  29. Believe it when I see it says:

    They wont lose a thing and when she gets out she will still have millions. The family will be living very well and laughing about the whole thing. Our Justice system needs adjusted . The feds see whats going on just like everyone else.Its disgusting to me.

  30. Auction Date Set??? says:

    If there is no auction date set within a month The working struggling people need to rally together and see why they are allowed to profit from crime. I hear there are book offers for this thief. Is it not enough they got the trips and the finest of everything and vehicles and homes and enough cash to make them very comfortable..Not to forget Rose Tribbys College Tuition being paid. I think they should be held accountable for this crime.They are all co conspirators There is NO way they didnt know this was going on. Limos to concerts and paying for everyone…How about The State trooper she was keeping time with and Scott Whitmore…No work for them now..Just living the life…

  31. Rose Brian Linda Tribby Calvin Caroline Speaks says:

    You have all gotten away with almost the perfect crime. Linda and Brian you both signed your tax returns and seen pay checks and Pay stubs.You both knew what was going on. Calvin and Caroline Speaks and the rest of the speaks Clan lived on easy street and you still are. Yet you are quick to quote the bible. Where is it in the bible that God says its good to do what you have all done and continue to do. If this auction ever comes into play I am sure as I have heard you will be there to buy things back. How about Roses Tuition and the 1000s that they all charge on the BriLynFarm Amex card.??I would think that some God fearing good upstanding people would be trying to make things right. Not running around hiding money selling things and scamming. Please Post auction dates…

  32. How are they still in in the houses says:

    Why have the houses and other tangible items not been sold. How are they still in control of anything. It would seem they would realize that they are living in houses and driving vehicles they shouldnt have. What are the Feds saying? I have looked on the auction sites and I dont see any of the items. By not taking these items it opens the door for more people to do the same thing with no fear of penalty . I would also appreciate a posting of the auction dates. I think that there is far too much sloppy work and no follow up going on. If more newspapers had the guts to report as you have maybe things would get done.

  33. Vegas Safari Houses Tribby Style says:

    Curious how Brian Tribby didnt know what was going on.Not only did he sign tax returns and see pay stubs but he had to have seen bank accounts. They didnt come from royalty and have millions just laying around. I would think when she went on all the cruises and took Alan Speaks and Family and Other Banker friend who later tried to help her hide funds It would have sent up a red flag. Not to mention when she took 15 people to Vegas all expenses paid that should have been a clue. But the best one was when Her John Belcher Including wife and Brian went to Africa on a 10 day hunting trip. Now what do you think that cost?? Then she buys Roses house with cash and remodeled it and The cars she bought. I dont see why the bank didnt see this way before now. 60K for a truck for husband 95K for Redskins tailgate truck for Lover Rent for Love shack Caddy for MOMMA HHR for ROSE Thats got to be 400K right there within a short time. How Brian Tribby didnt know. The town of Leeburg should take a real look at this guy. Hes not as honest as they may have thought . The Law Enforcement world was probably ready to check Belcher out Hence the get away to Alaska..

  34. Bank Security Lax says:

    How in the world did the bank not catch this sooner? I think what did her in is the large amounts she started taking to keep Scott happy. He wanted that helicopter and lessons. The pontoon boat and property in New york Where is from. Or it could have been her Husband tipped the bank off when she wouldnt pay him the cash he wanted in the divorce. However it happen she kept saying she was helping people!! Looks to me like she was helping herself and still her family is benefiting from her crime. They seem to forget it is a crime.Im sure everyone sees them all over like they are the victims..LOL To funny these people have nerves of steel..


    I have searched for any info on her assets and I see nothing. I thought she signed a forfeiture DEAL???? I know that the there is no way in this USA that she will be rewarded for being a thief and a fraud. If she is allowed to keep the items she bought there is something wrong with the laws in this land. I agree they should have no control of any of the homes or vehicles or any of it. Why were they allowed to sell the animals and contents of the items at Waterford. That is NO longer their property. It should be used to pay back what she took #1 and #2 what they have already enjoyed. Like the trips, cars, Parties, ect. I will be making phone calls today and I would think alot of people should. How is this she is rewarded first of all with a light sentence at a posh prison and now no other penalty.. The worst part of this is they think they are entitled to keep the things…I live in Waterford Va. and the best thing that could happen is that place is sold and they MOVE out of the area. I hope and pray they do not have unauthorized vendors in the yard this year. The best thing to do is not to patronize them..or maybe picket them and show these people enough is enough.

  36. Tribby follow up story Please says:

    I hope you will continue to follow this case and do further story’s on this case.Thank you…

  37. Waterford Resident Concerned says:

    15521 2nd ave. Is always a low point at the fair. They rent out the side yard to unauthorized Vendors. Now in light of the recent findings of band fraud and Tribbys parents living in the house I doubt much will change. I am asking everyone to spread the word about not patronizing these people. One year there was a Food Vendor Gary Lowery Of Brunswick selling there. If these people want to be apart of this event, do it the right way. I would hope the foundation will be first in line when this property is auctioned off. I know I will be there and If I can out bid the stolen fortune people I will own it.


    Curious how they are living in the houses and driving the vehicles. Scott Whitmore and Carolyn Speaks said that the federal agents took the keys to most of the vehicles. Why would they be allowed to drive what isnt theirs??? How would Rose Tribby have tuition paid in full again to Shepherd??? I would think that they would be out of everything and if the agents did the job right they would be out of Money. They continue to live the way they always did and frankly it is making quite a few people very angry.

  39. Where can you get Auction Info says:

    Can anyone please tell me where to get auction information? I have looked at the Federal Auction sites and sent emails but I cant get anywhere. I am interested in the Waterford Property and the Shepherdstown House. Thank you

  40. Tribby Auction Info Please says:

    I see many sites but none of them have her assets listed. http://gsaauctions.gov.gsaauctions is one. If anyone has this information please post it

  41. Concerned Former Wachovia Client says:

    I am saddened to see that she and her family are still “Living large” off the grief and mayhem this woman caused. She not only stole money, but she took peoples trust and used it to her advantage. Her smug and arrogant attitude about this crime is really a shame. When she knew the judge wasnt going to give her House arrest or time served her whole attitude changed. I took every penny I had in that bank and went to another bank. My feeling is when she signed the plea agreement the agents should have went to the houses other assets. They should have taken control of them and the people that were enjoying the use of these stolen items should have been takin into custody and questioned. This whole case has been a mystery to me. I read case histories and case law and none of this has been true to form. I too will be waiting to see when the auctions are.

  42. Wachovia Wells Fargo Former Client says:

    Linda Tribby Had me fooled as well as everyone else.She is a common thief and fraud.She should have been charged with several more crimes. I also believe her Husband Brian Tribby and Lover Scott Whitmore should be behind bars.Funny they both knew about each other and even though Linda was going of with Scott for long periods of time and was even present during Roses Hospital/Rehab stay. It makes me wonder if this wasnt part of a larger plan. Funny the managed to get The daughter a car and house and they built a 300K barn and everyone in the family received vehicles before she was busted. Belcher was losing his houses and now everything is fine and dandy and he is living the life in Alaska. Hmmm Something is rotten in Denmark and its npt the cheese..!! How could a trooper afford new vehicles a very large home and a smaller house that he was not worried about renting out and still go golfing, redskins games, all the safaris and trips to Vegas..Hello Feds..You didnt do a very good job and that is for sure.

  43. Unreal this woman is too much says:

    Now she has the nerve to send letters out asking people to help her pay her restitution..Wow..All I can say is prison is teaching her to be a bigger thief that she was. How about the 8 million she has stashed..So people send your money to her and her Mother and the rest of the gypsy’s can continue to live the good life on your dime.When will she be punished for what she did..I haven’t seen it yet.

  44. Rose Tribby RECKLASS DRIVING says:

    Case Number:

    File Date:

    THOMAS, G. G.; JR., TPR.


    Defense Attorney:

    White Caucasian(Non-Hispanic)

    R/D SP 85/55

    Code Section:

    Case Type:

    Amended Charge:

    Amended Code:

    Amended Case Type:

    Offense Date:

    Arrest Date:
    Number Date Time Result Hearing Type Courtroom Plea Min Continuance Code
    01 09/15/2010 08:30 AM Continued 000
    02 09/29/2010 08:30 AM Continued 000
    03 11/04/2010 01:30 PM Continued 000
    04 11/02/2011 09:15 AM 000
    Final Disposition in District Court:

    Fines/Costs Paid:

    Fine/Costs Paid Date:
    Sentence Time:
    00Months 000Days 00Hours

    Sentence Suspension Time:
    00Months 000Days 00Hours

    Operator License Suspension Time:
    00Years 00Months 000Days

    Operator License Restriction Codes:

    Restriction Start Date:

    Restriction End Date:


    This woman can break the law, go away to prison and still make Money…How is it that she has an affair right under everyones nose,,,Steals 14 Million Plus…Says she did it because of dying family members and everyone is supposed to forgive and forget open their wallets and give to her. Seems to me a God Fearing Upstanding woman that she is proclaiming herself to be would be humble and start fixing the wrongs she has did. I look at the list of her assets and it is very clear this woman is a stone cold calculating evolving Con artist. Plain and simple. This prison stay is just allowing her to sharpen her skills and when she gets out she will have the missing 8 million minus what her family needs while she is locked up and she will have the money that honest people send her. She and her family are not living in poverty or wondering everyday how to pay this bill or that bill..They dont have to make food go a little further or even plan trips to the store or anywhere. They get the best of the best..Fill up with Gas when they want ..shop where ever and when ever they want. Her Mother is still getting her Hair done and still going out to eat…When will people see these villians for what they really are…But one day they will not be able to fool one man when they are standing at the gates.,..

  46. Auction Dates please says:


  47. diane says:

    dont you eat every day and do you hair.


    You are obviously one of her supporters and thats fine but you have to first accept that she did something wrong.Can we agree on that. Secondly Why should they continue to benefit from her crime? I do eat at home every day I do not have the money to go out everyday and I dont have the money to run up and down the road. I do not get my hair or my pets hair done every week. I have to plan what to do with my money as I have electric bills and other bills like rent. Do they have that problem NO they are living rent free and when they leave there they have plenty to fall back on. This letter that Linda sent out is laughable at best. She said her family is struggling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Really!!!! Rose is in college and driving a brand new car. She goes out to eat every night In Lindas Letter she said she couldnt be by Roses bedside. Was she by her bedside all of the holidays and other days she was off with Scott. The answer to that would be a big NO. She wasnt quoting the bible and she wasnt living as the bible states or she wouldnt be where she is and she would still be with her Husband and child. Did you know stealing was a crime and when you are convicted of it you go to jail thats why most people obey the law, I think this tribby pity train has about ran out of track. Please give me a break Diane

  49. Donate to the Tribbys says:

    Please give these poor people money. They are driving brand new cars and trucks and have personalized plates they need to pay for. Please send money so they can pay for the other slug up in west Virginia and the other house not on the list but could be traced to Linda’s Funds. Please pay so the dog can get his hair done and Don’t forget ole Calvin He needs the Money to play the ponies and for whatever date he might be on.Please give all you can so they can send out these stupid letters and tell you how much they are struggling. LOL if you are dumb enough to send money when she gets out shes got some desert land in Nevada she can sell you..Wake up people..These people havent dropped a pound since shes been locked up. They have went on with their lives and are quite comfortable. I myself am sick of hearing about this CROOK>


    I got a letter from her and I am appalled that the Prison itself has such lack security that they would allow this to happen. We all know how they lived and I think we all wondered why, but now we know. Why would anyone in their right mind send them one cent? It said she is making 17 cents and hour for 7 hours a day my calculations that totals 1.10 a day. Who would believe this is how she is paying for postage. Do you know how much a stamp costs and envelopes? In the letter she quotes from the bible. All I can say is I will pray for her.Ephesians 4:28
    Let the thief no longer steal, but rather let him labor, doing honest work with his own hands, so that he may have something to share with anyone in need
    Matthew 19:18
    He said to him, “Which ones?” And Jesus said, “You shall not murder, You shall not commit adultery, You shall not steal, You shall not bear false witness,
    Funny now she knows the bible but never lived the word when she was out
    Proverbs 6:16-19
    There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.
    1 Corinthians 6:10
    Nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.
    If she knew the bible she would be on her knees because she has broken many many commandments.Instead she is sending out letters and playing the Pity Card. You can start by telling the Feds where to Pick up the 8 Million you have stashed. Then you can forfeit the items you bought with stolen money you shouldnt have a problem with that.

  51. LINDA Here are a few verses you missed says:

    (Exodus 20:14) 14 “You shall not commit adultery
    Mark 10:19
    You know the commandments: ‘Do not murder, Do not commit adultery, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Do not defraud, Honor your father and mother.’”
    1 Timothy 6:10
    For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.
    1 John 3:4
    Everyone who makes a practice of sinning also practices lawlessness; sin is lawlessness
    It amazes me how many people run behind the bible after they go to jail. When you were stealing and cheating on your husband did you have that bible in your hand? How about the Thanksgiving and Christmas days you missed with your family so you could go commit adultery. How about all of the weeks and months you lied and were with another man?Dont cry and say you couldnt be by Roses Bedside, You are the most phony person I have ever seen. You didnt sit and hold a vigil for Rose you went and got nails and hair done and oh yea slipped off with Scott. I hope you fade away and do your time with some kind of grace. You havent had any yet.

  52. Tribby donations Anyone says:

    How can an inmate at a secure Federal Prison send this out and collect. I have an idea some BIG money bribes are being paid and have been from the start. When you have 8 million I guess you can get what you want. The people that have sent money need to be in the NUT house. Why in the world would anyone send a copper penny????

  53. Shocked at the NERVE of this Linda Tribby and Family says:

    I am not only shocked I am sick about this whole letter thing going on. How can she have the nerve to send them out Number 1 and How can she think anyone in their RIGHT SANE mind would send her money. How about this LINDA tell where the Over 8 million is that your family is living off until your return.You have the guts to say they are struggling ..WHEN IS THAT >>>ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Serve your time and when you get out go far away.

  54. More Of Tribbys Lies says:

    Just seen the letter Tribby sent out!!! It is good for a laugh. Go on the website for Danbury Prison CT and contact the prison officials. How can this Using the term lightly woman think people are going to pay her fines and restitution. How about giving the 8 million bucks you have stashed back and the money that you have hid around Va , Wva and New York back. Stop hiding behind the bible.You knew what you were doing when you did it. What did you think would happen. Good bribes that you paid to only get 7 years you should have got all 30. Linda Tribby is the coldest calculating criminal I have seen in a while. It makes me wonder what else she has done. Maybe that should be checked out. She complains about the conditions in prison..Oh Im sorry did I say Prison what did she think she was going to Cancun?? She isnt even behind Bars per say..The money she has on her commissary account will ensure she wont starve any time soon.Wouldnt want to mess up the body work she has had done..can you say tummy tuck and some other work to make other parts bigger..I wish I would never have to hear the name Linda Tribby or Speaks or Any of the rest of them again.

  55. Loudoun Native says:

    It is my understanding the Government is now confiscating the above items.

    • Some justice But Not all says:

      I heard that too and seen in paper but They didnt take all of the items?? wonder why they would give any break. I still wonder when the auction will be ?? No info on that at all. I also am curious why the Waterford House is being seized according to paper it is in foreclosure, The Morrisonville House was too but that went.Something odd about the fact the didnt take it. No more info about her letter or what happen with her writing it…I sure wish someone would report on it..

  56. diane says:

    the bank is taking waterford because of what is owed to the bank

  57. Curious says:

    Money was owed to the bank on Morrisonville Property too. Why would they take one and not the other? Why didnt they take all of the items she agreed to forfeit? Funny Her Mother is left with a couple trucks and a Cadillac bout with stolen funds…Odd and also ODD is the fact they are living in the house Free of charge so is that considered squatters???

  58. Auction Date & Location of Missing 8 Million Dollars says:

    Could the Blue Ridge leader or anyone tell me and others when the auction will be? Also for her latest money crime did she get any penalty for it or is she still riding on lucks wings? I recently read someone stole 50K and will get far worse than her. Before you feel too sorry for her think about the 8 MILLION that is still unaccounted for. The fact that the Waterford Property is not being seized and several cars trucks and timeshares are not taken raises and eyebrow or two. Where is the 8 million missing dollars???

  59. Blue Ridge Leader says:

    The BRL is trying to access more information. It appears that there is no single auction event for all of the property and belongings, and no single vendor responsible for liquidating all of the assets. Tracking down those responsible for handling the auctions is difficult. Anyone with more information should contact us through the “Contact Us” page on this site. Thank you for your interest. –BRL Staff


    Real estate property, Shepardstown, WV SEIZED
    Real estate property, Hopkinton, NY.
    Real estate property, St. Regis Falls, NY
    Real estate property, Lovettsville, VA SEIZED
    Real estate property, Waterford, VA
    Real estate property, Lovelock, NV
    A 1947 Bell 48 Helicopter
    A 2010 Chevrolet HHR Sedan SEIZED
    A 2010 Crysler 300 C SEIZED
    A 2001 Chevrolet Silverado
    A 2007 Chevrolet Silverado SEIZED
    A 2000 Chevrolet Silverado
    A 2009 Cadillac CTS SEIZED
    A 2009 Dodge Ram 3500 Mega Cab
    A 2005 Ford F450
    A 2004 Dodge Sport Caravan
    A 2003 Chevrolet Super Sport Roadster Convertible
    A 2003 Ford Windstar
    A 1999 Volkswagon NGS hatchback
    A 1982 Chevrolet Truck
    A classic 1968 Chevrolet 2-door sedan
    A classic 1967 Chevrolet pickup truck
    A classic 1961 Corvair pickup truck
    A classic 1956 Chevrolet Bel Aire
    A 2007 Fleetwood America Eagle RV
    Two snowmobiles
    3 ATVs
    A golf cart
    9 miscellaneous trailers
    A pontoon boat
    A John Deere tractor with snowblower and backhoe attachments
    Miscellaneous farm equipment including a hay stacker, two tractors, and a snow plow
    Why is this??? Why are they left with one item on this list and especially the Waterford property that they are LIVING in?????

  61. shawn says:

    i would like to know why the 2000 honda that her sister drives is not on the list

  62. curious about why Tribby Speaks are allowed to keep all says:

    I would like to know why Carolyn Speaks Black Cadillac is not on the list as well as the house her Sister lives in in West Virginia. Lindas money paid all taxes and upkeep on it. She purchased Her Sister another car at Christmas Last Year, Thats not on the list either as well as Jeremy Speaks Truck , A van her Brother Alan has and his truck, Several Vehicles she bought for her Trooper Belcher friend and Much more.I want to know when they will be out of the Waterford Property and when It will be auctioned off. One thing for sure they will come out of this better off than they ever were. It would seem like if these people had any quality or remorse for what she did they would surrender the property and other items to help pay back the money. Instead the fight goes on almost 1 year from her arrest. They would have had nothing and should have nothing.

  63. diane says:

    the house in wv can not and will not be put on the list because it is an estate that belonged to the sisters grandparents.when the waterford house is sold the parents is going to wv and live in the sisters house

  64. Money Trail Tribby style says:

    The Feds are tracing money and plenty of it went there to west Virginia she was doing the upkeep and paying the taxes.. I thought that the Waterford house was going into foreclosure??? Then It was supposed to be on the feds list?? yet they are still squatting in it., They should have been gone dont they know that the FREE RIDE they have had for years is OVER?? How much do you want to bet it doesnt go anywhere…

  65. auction date for Tribbys Items says:

    Anyone know when the auction will be?? I wonder why its a secret

  66. Blue Ridge Leader says:

    The Blue Ridge Leader is in touch with the appropriate parties involved with the auction of Linda Tribby’s real and personal property. The auctions have not yet been scheduled. We are told that the process may take months—or years—-in some cases. We will notify our readers once we receive confirmation.

  67. Tribby Waterford Property says:

    Blue Ridge Leader if you can find out why The Feds seized the Morrisonville Property with a huge mortgage on it but are not going to take the Waterford property I would appreciate it. I would like to see this go to auction and have a chance to buy it. I do believe that the 8 million dollars she has hidden should be recovered through her assets and sales should be soon. Its bad enough the crime she did and the fact that her family continues to Squat in the house instead of doing the honorable thing and moving on and letting Justice be served

  68. Blue Ridge Leader says:

    The first auction of personal property is this Friday, December 9th, in Richmond. An article will go up on our website shortly.

  69. Paola says:

    At the risk of repeating meslyf again, the objection is not to the police doing their job, which we all expect them to do. The objection is to the apparent taxpayer-funded media stunt that the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department created for the political benefit of Patrick Henry College one that was likened by to a scene from the days of Massive Resistance.You are wasting your time here with false analogies about adultery, etc. I don’t doubt the sincerity of your beliefs, but sometimes the things you say to us just come across as rude. Certainly they come across as clumsy, as if you think we can’t tell the difference between our core identities and some dumb, selfish behavior.

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: Art Gallery Reception for Featured Artists -- Abstract painter Evelyn Lopez de Guzman and contemporary painter Sandra Iafrate


April 12, 2014N/A

Meet Evelyn and Sandra and other gallery artists during a free, open to the public reception for this month's Featured Artists' exhibit "Living Color,” showcasing two accomplished painters Evelyn Lopez de Guzman and Sandra Iafrate, in a vivid and dynamic presentation of color, shape and our surroundings.

Evelyn Lopez de Guzman’s vibrant paintings awaken the viewer to connect with nature and the modern world through an interplay of shape, color, and textural materials.

Sandra Iafrate’s combination of realistic and surrealist interpretation of flowers, foliage and landscapes on spacious canvases convey a sense of movement and playfulness.

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Easter at "The Park"


April 19, 2014

Celebrate Easter at historic Morven Park with crafts for kids, an egg hunt in the formal gardens plus a traditional egg roll on the Davis Mansion lawn. Have a family photo taken with the Easter Bunny. Children should bring a basket for the hunt and a large spoon for the egg roll. $10/participating child (ages 2-12), $3/adult. Register at www.MorvenPark.org.

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VAL's Pals Kids Club


April 30, 2014

Join Inova Loudoun Hospital as the present their Beamer the Dog Program.

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May 4, 2014

Scouting for Bricks is an exhibit showing the Love for everything LEGO® . Come see amazing LEGO® creations by Fans of LEGO®, LEGO® trains, Mindstorms robots. We will also have live Star Wars Stormtroopers and an interactive play area with over 100,000 LEGO bricks. Scouting for Bricks is fun for the Whole Family! Visit us at www.ScoutingForBricks.com.

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In February of this year a sell out crowd gathered at the county public seat in Leesburg to provide feedback to the Loudoun County Planning Commission on the idea of adding additional sports lights to the upper athletic fields at Franklin Park. Franklin Park includes a really wonderful performing arts …



Steady and Nobull

4 Mar 2014

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Park and Ride Lots for Western Loudoun

4 Mar 2014


In 2003, the county purchased 22 commuter buses to serve a growing demand for bus service to Washington D.C. The demand has grown exponentially ever since. The county now owns or leases 65 large commuter buses (with plush seats and on board restrooms) and more are being added every year. The buses are often filled to standing room only as …



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9 Apr 2014


Sadie Smile Foundation is putting on the third annual Sadie’s Race/Walk and Kids Fun Run to Benefit Smile Train in Purcellville Sunday, May 18th this year. The race starts at 8:00 a.m. at the train station at 200 N 21st Street in Purcellville. Sign up at Active.com. When Sara Ablard lost her five year-old daughter, Sadie, two years ago, she …

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Dr. Joseph Rogers Dies at Family Farm

1 Apr 2014

Dr. Joseph Megeath Rogers, 90, died on Saturday March 8, 2014 at his Hillbrook Farm near Hamilton following a stroke. Physician, farmer, businessman, rural land conservationist, philanthropist and expert horseman, Dr. Rogers was a tireless advocate and practitioner of country living whose contributions in a broad range of interests were made quietly and with little fanfare. His public persona was …

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Zoldos Presented Citizen of the Year Award

1 Apr 2014


At the biweekly March meeting of the Lovettsville Town Council, Mayor Bobby Zoldos was presented the 2013 Citizen of the Year from the Lovettsville Waterford Ruritans. Presenting the award was Rick Adams, current president along with Board Member Peter Mullally and  Vice President Jeff Boogaard. Adams said, “On behalf of the Lovettsville Waterford Ruritans, we would like to present the …

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Wolf Won’t Seek Re-election


Rep. Frank Wolf (R-10th) today announced that he would not seek election to an 18th term in 2014. He released the following statement announcing his decision: “I have decided not to seek re-election to the U.S. Congress in 2014. It has been an honor to serve the people of northern …

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Virginia Can and Should Work Harder to Combat Hunger


By Congressman Frank Wolf Last year, the USDA reported a record number of Americans are struggling to put food on their tables. Across the nation, 49 million people – including 17 million children and six million seniors – are going hungry, a number that has grown substantially over the last …

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Kaine Statement on Navy Yard Shooting


U.S. Senator Tim Kaine released the following statement on today’s shooting at the Washington Navy Yard: “My thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by today’s tragic shooting at the Washington Navy Yard. As we learn more about the horrific events that unfolded this morning, my deepest sympathies go out …

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Nominate Your Hometown Hero

9 Apr 2014


Upper Loudoun Little League’s Hometown Heroes scholarship closes on April 21, 2014. The application is available online at ULLL.org. The scholarship is open to all graduating seniors who played baseball for ULLL at some point in their growing up years. Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on …

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Lady Vikings Give Back

10 Feb 2014

The Loudoun Valley Girls basketball team held an event on Friday, February 7 at LVHS. The Lady Vikings celebrated “Pink Night” by honoring those who are battling breast cancer or have been affected by breast cancer. The event was held in conjunction with an event held at Woodgrove earlier this …

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Medicaid Expansion Battle Heating Up

4 Mar 2014


Did you know that there’s a very real possibility that a DC-style budget battle and government shutdown could come to Virginia? The Medicaid expansion battle …

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Endorsing for Profit Businesses?

4 Mar 2014

town of purcellville sign

I recently received an automated email message from the Town of Purcellville soliciting nominations for volunteer award recipients in cooperation with the Purcellville Business Association …


Another Vote To Overrule Purcellville’s Board of Architectural Review

4 Mar 2014

town of purcellville sign

The Purcellville Town Council, foolishly, in the view of many and perhaps most, has overruled its Board of Architectural Review and approved Mark Nelis’s and …



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