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Memories … Memories

October 7, 2011 by Blue Ridge Leader filed under Columns, Sushi's Corner No Comments

As time goes by memories come and memories sometimes float in and out as we choose them to. I guess life’s lessons are what memories are really all about. Life’s lessons can be full of love and then they can be as nasty as stepping on an active bee hive.

Trotting down my well worn paths along Beaver Dam Creek, I was in one of those “I’m all alone in this world mood, and nobody loves me”. I was basically kicked out from under the kitchen stove as Mrs. B. was having one of her very own melancholy moments. She clearly wanted to be miserable all alone.

What’s a guy to do I ask? Leave, and that’s just what I did. Tail tucked under I slinked out the kitchen door into the garage and out to the long farm drive. Looking back over my shoulder, I shrugged at the thought of; what could I have possibly done to upset Mrs. B.? I headed towards the barn that led me on down to Beaver Dam Creek. It has been raining so much the creek was flowing rapidly and Freddy Frog and Tommy Toad were having a “hay day” in the creek side puddles.

“Why so glum?” Freddy Frog croaked to me, in his deepest of deep voice. “Mrs. B. seems to be in a terribly sad mood today and basically kicked me out right from under her feet at the kitchen stove!” Tommy Toad trilled in his Toady voice;” I wonder what that’s all about? It isn’t like Mrs. B to be so gloomy.”

Freddy Frog said; “we amphibians don’t have time to be gloomy. We have too much to be grateful for with all of this rain. Rain, Baby, Rain!” Freddy and Tommy had all the little Froggies and Toads playing along the Beaver Dam creek bed, jumping off the rocks and swimming on their backs. Looking up into the sky they all were enjoying life on these cloudy, misty, rainy days. For you see, as long as the rain came, old Hattie the witch, with the big bump, on the very tippy top of her long crooked nose would stay away. Hidden in the ancient pine trees that stood around” Devils Falls” where the mountain waters cascaded down treacherous rocks, Hattie lived in her dark, dark dungeon. Before every Halloween, Hattie was notorious for hunting little froggies and toads for her horrible witches brew. I shuddered at the thought of it!

I decided I was not going to get much sympathy here so I traveled back up towards the barn. There I came upon Mr. and Mrs. Bronze and Mr. and Mrs. Bourbon Red turkeys. Both sets of parents were proudly dancing along the barn drive, only the way turkeys can. The gentlemen had their wings puffed out popping air in a swooshing sound. Their tail feathers flared as they twirled in their turkey dance. Of course they were purposefully showing off their handsome selves to the ladies. Mrs. B. says that turkeys are so ugly they are beautiful. I have to agree! One by one Mr. and Mrs. Bourbon Red’s turkey poults came running out from behind the barn wall. They were chasing after a little yellow butterfly. The baby poults were so funny to watch. Next, Mrs. Bourbon Red clucked away calling them over to a wiggly worm. Mrs. Bronze clearly was not going to be outdone. She called loudly for the little Bronze family of turkey babies to join in the worm chasing fun;” One, two, three, four, five, six, Bronze babies. I could see Mrs. Bronze was clearly relieved as between the barn cats and the red fox, turkey babies can often be an easy lunch!

As I lay there watching the barn yard activity, I could not help but wonder about what made Mrs. B. so sad today? Everyone else around the farm seemed to be so happy! Hattie the witch was in hiding from the rain. The turkeys were strolling proud with their new turkey clutches, and … that’s it! Turkeys! Mrs. B. was sad because Thanksgiving was coming! Why didn’t I think of that sooner!

I dashed back to the farm house as quick as my little Cairn Terrier legs could carry me. Just as I thought, I found Mrs. B. all by herself looking at family photos of the people she loved so dearly. These were the family members who would not be here with her and Mr. B., at this year’s Thanksgiving table. I gently laid my head on her lap, blinking my big brown eyes and twitching my wiry eye brows at her.

She stroked my head and gave me a kiss … her way to say thank you and ask my forgiveness for her earlier behavior towards me. A tear rolled down her cheek.

I flashed my brilliant white tooth grin as if to say “come follow me” and dashed around in a circle leaping up and down and faced towards the door. She got my message and the two us walked down the long farm drive together, towards the barn. There Mr. and Mrs. Bourbon Red and Mr. and Mrs. Bronze were in the middle of the farm yard proudly watching over their new turkey babies chasing butterflies. Mrs. B. grinned, laughed and sighed all at the same time ”the circle of life Sushi, the circle of life.”

I knew right then and there our Thanksgiving this year was going to be perfect. A Thanksgiving bound to be filled with many new memories to be had.

Come out to the farm and see all our new turkeys – they are sure to bring you joy! Love, Sushi (P.S. Email me! My new e-mail address is Sushi@FieldsofAthenryFarm.com.)

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