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Instructions for submitting events

You must be a registered user of this site to submit events. To register, send an email to webmaster@brleader.com with your name, organization, and the email address you want associated with this account.

Once registered, you may log in and change your password (recommended).

To submit an event: From your profile screen, click the “My Calendar” link in the left hand column and enter the following required information in the appropriate fields.

1) The title of your event.
2) A description of your event, in 100 words or less. This description should not include the date, time or location of your event. This information will be entered in separate fields.
3) If there is an external link that provides more information about your event, you may enter it in the “Event Link” field.
4) The date and time of your event.
5) The location of your event. To ensure the accuracy of the map link, complete street address information is recommended. You do NOT need to enter GPS coordinates.
6) Clicking “Save Event” will submit your event for approval. If approved, your event will appear on our calendar within 24 hours.